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I'll just play it safe and

I'll just play it safe and always break the links in my posts so the site doesn't auto-link them.
No! Stop that! That's really annoying. This began because some people think some organizations think referral traffic (which is visible whenever you click on a link in site A to site B) from the Daily Paul is spam, when it clearly is not.


It's not that we think it is spam, it's just as website operators ourselves (some of us) we know that the referrer IS tracked. Google Analytics produces a nice little graph for me that shows me where traffic originates and to which pages those clicks visit, how long they stay on the page and what (if any) other pages on my site they visit.

Seeing this, it's not hard to rationalize a person creating a script that would cross-reference the referrer's with votes on a poll, subsequently removing the votes of those persons to the poll -- thus diminishing Dr. Paul's credibility.

It's not that we think referral traffic is spam, we just don't want our poll votes invalidated because the visited website thinks that 'Paulites are spammers'.

We don't wear tin-hats. This is behavior that was witnessed in the last election cycle and is behavior that will surely be lived through again.