Comment: ~ Ron's Link Inactive! ~-

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~ Ron's Link Inactive! ~-

Did you notice that Ron's link is inactive? (lower right)

I think we need to let them know :)
US News Contact Page:

PS: As mentioned on Digg:

"It's worth mentioning that some of the things about him on his biography are innaccurate. For example, under books it says he's written "The Case for Gold: A Challenge to Liberty". When in fact, those are seperate books, A Case for Gold: A Minority Report on the Warren Commission, and a Challenge to Liberty is followed by a subtitle about the abortion debate. It mentions A Republic, If you can Keep It, but neglects to mention Freedom Under Siege, or Ron Paul's new book, A Foreign Policy of Freedom.

I wanted to email them but am not sure who at their publication to email about that."

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