Comment: be optimistic!!!

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be optimistic!!!

right now, all my hopes and dreams to save our country are all on ron! he is the most honest politician i have ever heard! in fact, i never even thought people could use honest and politician describe one thing. i looked up the word politics in the dictionary once. found out its actually derived from two words. poli, many many, and tics, meaning bloodsuckers.....
but ron paul has inspired this 51 year-old,never voted once in my life, grouchy old fart into an optimist! in fact, if every freedom loving person in the USA could get to the polls, and vote with their hearts, minds, and souls, i know there would be more then enough of us to see that dr. paul is the only clear choice to lead our country out of the deep, financial abyss we have sunkin' into past our knees. we didnt ask for this debt, we didnt spend the money, but its all our faults. we've become so complacent. accepting pretty much everything our government did, listening to the scandals, watching as so many of them were getting caught with their fingers in everyone else's pie.greedy, powerful people pretty much running amuck. scratching the enemies back while looking for the best place to insert the knife. Absolute power corrupts- absolutely.
ron isnt intrested in power. he actually wants less power in government, which will make the people stronger!

impeach obama, fire biden, president ron paul, 2011 !!!


ron in 12!