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If you have to go back a year...

... to find scattered references to loans that may not even be related (I don't think the audit was complete that far back, was it?) and even then, two of the major networks had NOTHING, it begins to smell like a news blackout.

Assume we all agree that $16 trillion in loans is a newsworthy subject?


Then when you google it, and get thousands of hits - but conspicuous black holes where ABC, NBC, FOX or CBS should be, I am loathe to chalk that up to a poor choice of search terms.

Starts to LOOK like a News Blackout.

This is not a story about what dress Betty-Lou wore to the church social in Peoria last month. This is a story with world-wide implications, a small crack in the wall of secrecy surrounding the Fed, a story that should be getting coverage from every news agency that covers national news or international news.

Just for grins, I've done a couple more searches:

$16 trillion federal reserve site: - 40 hits
$16 trillion federal reserve - 65 hits
$16 trillion federal reserve site: - 751 hits
$16 trillion federal reserve - 588 hits

Now, doubtless, many of these hits are talking about something other than the specific audit mentioned above. But when you contrast the results with ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX Occam's Razor screams "News Blackout".

I welcome more research. Who knows what we might find? Maybe it would be worthwhile to write a script that does parallel searches on major news stories just to count the hits on various news sources to get some idea of how they are filtering news? One could eventually build a profile of what news sources will cover which kinds of news. For example, if you want to know about wrong-doing by the Federal Reserve, you're much better off consulting RUSSIAN news sources than you are checking AMERICAN news sources.

Oh, the irony!

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