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Interesting, The International Bankers, Corporations Never Had

any intentions of letting such a rich land as America and such hard working serfs go "free".
The Original Constitution For The United States Of America was essentially dictated by the bankers and King George. If you look at article six in The Treaty of Paris 1783 you will see that all of the King's contracts in America were reaffirmed and put back in force after "the war".
The bankers contracts were also reaffirmed.
When the States did not pay the banks or The Crown the European money power threatened to resume open hostilities.
So Washington D.C. was created as a concession to delay the inevitable War On America by the banksters and European powers.
The problem is that it was created with a split allegiance. On the one hand it was supposed to protect the newly Independent American States, on the other hand it was supposed to collect taxes and tribute for The British Crown and The Vatican. Very hard to serve two masters.
Eventually the bankers won out over the People of the States. Since 1871 the United States has not served the little people or even the landowners (people) anymore but has simply been helping itself to ever increasing portions of their labor and land.

So the Vatican, The Crown, and all of it's affiliated banks and corporations have a stranglehold on America today.

There are no more "electors" choosing a de jure government (republic). There are only "voters" voting for their union representative to "the corporation". All voters can do is beg The Crown Bankers for better "working" conditions and feudal (federal) employee benefits on this giant Plantation.
Have you read the book They Own it All? On paper the bankers have securitized everything, land, cars, houses, factories, water, air, minerals, wildlife, men, women, and children. They are collecting interest on the bonds they have put on all of us. In other words you are being held in bondage by the bankers. They promise your labor in the form of newly printed federal reserve notes that they print and pass out! Then they give this promises of your labor to someone who then give them back to you thus ordering you to give your masters a days "work". You are a debt slave. On Paper the bankers hold title to your lifetime labor. So they issue shares of your labor to pay THEIR debts and then you are "ordered" to work off their debts.

Of course the bankers never had any intention of leaving alone the newly formed United States of America. It is and was just too big of a goldmine to let alone. They won't withdraw their feeding tubes from us until we are completely sucked dry like Argentinia, Greece, etc. and all of us and our children have been worked to the bone and are dead and cremated.

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