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We're All With You

Keep up the good work. Sprint to the finish line! There are groups, Meetups and otherwise who are working for Liberty in our own states, just like you. You guys get the spotlight first. We have longer to work, but not that much longer. We're counting on NH for a springboard to success!

Our Meetup in southwest Missouri is canvasing two days a week, working with other groups in surrounding counties and towns, and we've raised enough money (among ourselves) to finance 5 full-size high visibility billboards in the area. When we're not involved in group promotion, we grab our signs and stake out a busy intersection one revolutionary at a time.

This is such an amazing thing! It really is a revolution, and our grandchildren will someday thank us for our efforts.

In Liberty,

Ira J. Madsen
Springfield, Mo

Ira J. Madsen
Springfield, Mo