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this continued to bother me

so I've added a little script to always connect comment links to the correct page they're on, with a redirect if necessary.

So if you were using the ?commets_per_page=999 option, you shouldn't have to ever again.

This allows one to set the # of comments loaded per page to fewer.

I haven't resolved the search-misconnection problem. I'm pretty sure we'd have to reverse the comment sort order for indexing bots.

This also doesn't resolve missing "new!" comments if they're on page 2, though. This is what I'll be thinking about next.

Even after colorizing them, I'm not a fan of the monolithic column of comments. Conversation doesn't work like that. It's more tree-like. Maybe things should branch off perpendicular, not just be threaded, somehow be easier to see overall, it shouldn't be paged—but then we don't want 10,000 comments always loading for the metals thread.

Maybe a little block that shows the newest comments on top of the comment field, separate from their in-context view below.

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