Comment: This is the classic

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This is the classic

"role-swapping" game.

They claim to be the "good guys", and act like they are looking for the terrorists.

Let's face it folks, who's terrorizing who?
Is anybody you know locking down airports and squeezing granny's titties and sticking their hands down junior's shorts? No, but Federal Law Enforcement does it.

Do you know anybody who enters bus terminals with guns and searches everybody and everything on the buses, like Nazi thugs? No, but Federal Law Enforcement does it.

Are you aware of anybody who busts into innocent organic food stores and seizes all the store products and holds all the workers and owners hostage? No, but Federal Law Enforement does it.

Is anyone in your town able to kidnap people and put them into prison without any communication or habeas corpus, and torture them indefinitely without even a charge or a trial?
No, but Federal Law Enforcement does it.

Is there anyone you know who is tapping and surveilling virtually everyone in the US, on a daily basis, and filling up dossiers on everybody. No, but Federal Law Enforcement does it.

The list could go on for pages.

Let's face it folks. The "terrorists" are Federal Law Enforcement. Even a toddler could recognize it.
If they want to find the "terrorists", all they need to do is look in the mirror.