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Not much to elaborate upon,

Not much to elaborate upon, the fact is that based upon the track record of government agencies, not only of our own government, but of other governments as well, they all suffer from a high degree of bureaucratic ineptitude that naturally occurs when government involves itself in a policy that cannot be completely enforced upon a large population, the mathematical statistics of government being able to protect us from a lone terrorist are extremely remote, given, in particular, the methodology they employ.

Sure, they may "luck-up" from time to time, but the odds are against actual effective intel either being available or being properly interpreted. Additionally, given the methods of this latest push to gather information on people that make certain purchases, it sounds like their cover story conceals the actual intent of the program they are putting in place, that being to gather as much information as possible, not on potential terrorist, but on those of us who are awake enough to realize that we are in the stages of a complete collapse of the monetary and economic structure of this country, not to mention that we are awake to the social and political consequences of such a collapse.

Take for instance, the TSA, the whole agency is basically an exercise in futility and in fact, its purpose apparently has little to do with actually "catching" terrorist and more to do with methods of social controls over the population. Just take a look at the actual background of your average TSA agent, that is truly a shocker, for it the purpose was to actually prevent or protect the flying public from terrorists, then the qualifications for the position would be far more stringent and the people they actually hire much more qualified to do the job. This government is far more concerned with the People of this country than actual terrorist, for once there is a break-down in the social order it will be the People, not terrorists, that this government or its remnants, will fear the most.

"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun