Comment: While the others Dilute the establisment vote...

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While the others Dilute the establisment vote...

They also dilute Ron Paul's exposure.

It's exposure to the ideas of liberty and the idea that honest representatives actually exist, that best ensures the future of liberty.

Let's say our highest expectations don't come true this time around, but we pick up another 5 to 10% Ron Paul support, which, like most Ron Paul support, is hard core and irreversible. That could see us at 20-25% among likely Republicans voters nationwide. Perhaps at 15% of all voters nationally.

This level of passionate support WILL change national discussion and policy direction, and it would provide an even stronger platform from which to launch a truly liberty minded candidate in 2016. Think Rand Paul, Tom Woods or another great mind and orator that has our trust.

Yes, we're impatient for liberty, but there's great hope that a lot more of it is not too far along this revolutionary path. It feeds on ideas, and the more exposure these ideas receive, the stronger and faster liberty will grow.