Comment: Any word on Santorum and Cain?

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Any word on Santorum and Cain?

I figure Cain might hold out a bit. But if Santorum stays in, it's simply to be a butthead. He's knows damned well, he won't improve even with Pawlenty out.

I know McCotter and Huntsman are rather new. I don't see them making any inroads into the field though.

Gingrich I suspect will stick around till at least the first few primaries.

At least for now, this is a 4 way race between Paul, Bachmann, Romney, and Perry.

The next 3-4 weeks should seal the deal for Romney though. Either he will break out, or he will get out.

I wonder, will debate invitations be rescinded per the Ames results or will the results influence sending them out at all to certain candidates?

We may well see the likes of Santorum et al dropped from polling, and likely from debates with that.