Comment: How many votes can be generated in 1 hr?

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How many votes can be generated in 1 hr?

If the voting machine vendor personnel/engineer was doing it, my guess would be, as many as you want.

However, if some election personnel is doing it by hand, like bubbling in Bachmann and another will scan in this bubbled election form, it would take from 3-6 seconds.

So in 3600 seconds == 1 hr, a staff of two can do approximately 600 to 1200 votes.

Some points to ponder re Straw Poll Results:
1. Voting results should in theory be instantaneous, so 1 hr leeway to get their act organized is plenty of time even for bureaucrats, if nothing was still being cooked up.
2. 2007 results were proudly delivered by a panel of 3 people at the podium, patiently going through bottom up lineup starting with McCain at 10th place..... This time, a bomb was drop for the 1st placer and THE END. Was the delivery boy the one willing to do the dirty work or was he at the lowest in the totem pole?
3. There were more people in the auditorium (not scientific) when Ron was speaking even more than Bachmann, including those like me who stayed to listen to her and Pawlenty.
4. There were hardly any Bachmann signs in the stadium. Lots of RP, some Pawlenty and less for Bachmann, and a sparse few for Thaddeus Cotter.
5. There is a sea of RP red shirts pictured in the main (RP) tent. Does anyone have an equivalent picture of crowd who voted Bachmann? Only media closed up view of a politician and her close entourage; clearly status quo candidate IMO.