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Advice from an RP delegate -- 2008

I became a delegate to the Iowa state convention in 2008. My wife actually became an alternate delegate to the national convention. I am also the current county GOP chairman.

That doesn't make me an expert on becoming a delegate (especially in other states), but it does put me ahead of about 98% of the people in our movement in first hand experience.

The following advice applies primarily to caucus states and certainly to Iowa.

#1 The most important part of becoming a delegate is becoming involved in your local GOP party. Before you start spouting off about Ron Paul or even the federal reserve, ask some of the local party activists (or County chairman) about how to become a delegate. (If they already know where you stand go ahead and ask anyway, but I hope you have not previously been unnecessarily abrasive in your interactions with regular party members.) Always remember, a skunk is never welcome at a picnic.

#2 Do everything you can to build a LOCAL network of personal friends/supporters. Obviously this is going to involve making ideological converts, but these do not have to be sold on liberty lock, stock, and barrel. If all they care about is ending the war and are willing to become blue Republicans, great! Who cares if they don't understand the federal reserve? Their vote in your caucus counts just as much as if they were Tom Woods.

#3 Reach out and help other RP supporters in your county. You will need help at the county level and they will need to be duplicating your efforts in their own precincts/wards.

#4 Coordinate with your state campaign organization, especially prior to the district and state conventions. As the numbers of delegate slots are reduced at successive levels, we will need to have a plan so that we agree on a slate of delegates before hand. This is to avoid diluting or cancelling out our votes. The central campaign may also cut deals with other organizations to put OUR delegate candidates on THEIR slates. Organization wins.

#5 If you are sufficiently organized, becoming an expert on Robert's Rules is not necessary. Having at least one parliamentarian (with several backups), of course, is necessary. And a rudimentary understanding is always helpful. But numbers are key. Numbers, numbers, numbers.
It doesn't help to know the perfect time to call for a division of the house when you're one vote shy of winning.
Get enough bodies there and magically almost all of your parliamentary problems go away.

#6 BECOME your county GOP chairman. Then you are automatically a delegate to your county and district conventions. And your need to worry about parliamentary tricks evaporates.(There wasn't that easy? ;) )

You may have noticed that most of these activities will also greatly improve Ron Paul's chances of winning in your state's caucus and/or primary.

For example, if you took several new people to the Ames Iowa Straw Poll, congratulations! You are already well on your way to becoming a delegate.

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