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Because Rod Sterling is "odd" -- hmmm?

Was what I wrote that complex.

It is a Synthesis of Mises and Ron Paul refers to Mises as his primary mentor.

RP is a Misesian Scholar of the Austrian School.

What I came up with above is a "proper" Minarchist Constitution based on the broadest category where everyone fits under.

Seniors are 1st Consumers
Producers are 1st Consumers
Students are 1st Consumers
Women are 1st Consumers
Babies are 1st Consumers
Bums are 1st Consumers
Muslims are 1st Consumers
Christians are 1st Consumers
Teachers are 1st Consumers

Consumer is the 1st defining attribute of man when he is born and then the Earth "consumes" him -- smile.

The Earth and Sun were born from Consumption.

Consumption: To Use, To Transform, To Waste (diminish)

We can only Consume -- We Consume all day long (air, love, emotions, fuel, energy, light, bandwidth, ideas, knowledge, tools, time, water, minerals, and nutrients).