Comment: Where The Producer is The Consumer Equals Freedom

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Where The Producer is The Consumer Equals Freedom

Producer is the Consumer. = freedom and maximum happiness
Producer gifts his product to another equals charity happiness for giver some happiness for gifted
Producers product is taken and used by another, not happiness for producer, great happiness for thief.
Government takes producers product and gives it to another. No happiness for producer, little happiness for recipient.
Government takes producer's product and spends it on behalf of it's wards, no happiness for producers, no happiness for consumers.

So it is not about consumers rights, it is all about producers rights.
Because a consumer can acquire the product of a producer by charity, theft, third party theft.
The first charity gives the consumer no choice.
The second robs the producer.
The third robs the producer.
The fourth robs the producer and the consumer.
Stop robbing the producers and the consumers will be the producers except in the case of charity so maximum happiness will result.
It is all about protecting producers, who cares about the consumers "rights"? They don't have any. How they got the stuff they are consuming is the question, did they violate the producers rights or trade fairly.
Mises is not right about everything.

Protecting Producers rights is Upholding The Law, protecting consumers rights is communism.

The Oracle