Comment: No - But your close (well "no" according to Mises)

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No - But your close (well "no" according to Mises)

Before the Producer is of age to "producer" he must consume -- vast amounts of resources per annum.

If Mark Zuckerberg is curtailed in the wrong areas from consumption, we do not have Facebook.

Consumer-Sovereignty was Mises phrase for the largest group of individuals -- all individuals are consumers long long long before they "produce"

Now -- The very act of Production is actual a misnomer. To produce something you must take from the earth or altered earth "products" (man made inputs) and "transform, diminish, and use" (the definition of consumption) into your final "prodcut" (object of consumption).

If any consumer-producer is blocked from consumption then he cannot complete the final good (again being an object of consumption).

Your smart guy -- I smart guy -- Mises smarter than both of us.

I just "consumed" time and "trasnformed" (act of consumption) Misesian knowledge into a digestible (consumptive product) form (for you -- the consumer).