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Micheal – too swamped during this period to post regularly. But I noticed this video and had to comment. You and I agree on so much that we rarely comment on differences; typical perhaps of friends.

One of the differences has been my unyielding contention that politics cannot solve the problems we currently face. So energy devoted to that end is, consequently, an exercise in futility. But moments such as these call into question that assumption, at least the last part. Because the lighthouse knows not who it saves.

It's a significant moment when a figure like John Stuart poignantly acknowledges the disconnect and propaganda. Yet as the Daily Show connects the basics of past with present – I remain cognizant of those early candles; those who provided the string and the wax. Dore, Nystrom et al.

Although I think of the tea party as a stolen vehicle, seems it was easier to hijack than the ideas or the man. Are we back to square one – Be Ron Paul? Way Back(notback) When... we made many early calls trying to identify the ledge's edge - is it dead ahead?