Comment: "Top tier", "Top tier", "Top tier", "Top tier", "Top tier".....

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"Top tier", "Top tier", "Top tier", "Top tier", "Top tier".....

When watching this video again it suddenly struck me how consistently the phrase "top tier" was used to describe THEIR candidates. Not "frontrunners", "viable", "competitive", "leading", "most popular", "favorite", "hot", "active", etc. No, the SCRIPT says "top tier". THEY have decided that THE descriptive term is "top tier". So magically ALL of the pundits on EVERY different (and supposedly competing) news organization, settle on this one descriptive phrase? (?!?!) Am I the only one that finds this just a little spooky?

I have always subscribed to the theory that there is a "virtual" Conspiracy which exists without the necessity of actual, conscious overt collusion. This I still believe exists. But there is also no question that there is a literal Conspiracy with a chain of command and layers of secrecy that would make it impossible for anyone to know when they had arrived at the ultimate circle.

Events like this can't help but make me think that the playbook is more literal than virtual.

The Virtual Conspiracy