Comment: No no -- leave it to Mises and Hayek

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No no -- leave it to Mises and Hayek

To Consume: To Use, To Transform, To Diminish (waste or reduce).

We Consume: Fuel, Light, Gas, Air, Minerals, Energy, Water, Nutrients, Knowledge, Tools, and Resources.

"Usefullness" or "Value" has nothing to do with it -- it's all valuable anyway, depends on the time line.

In the future when our recycling technologies are a million times what they are today all those landfills with be gold mines.

Conversion is never negative in the long-run, only in the short to medium run. The long-run is not a fixed period of time -- when it comes to nuclear waste it's a bit longer; when it comes to sperm and ovum then maybe in one lifetime we see the good or bad of that conversion (thinking Hitler -- born positive "clean slate" then developed an opinion and became a vegan).

We're getting off topic here.

What you are calling "producers" are really consumers (go read the above definition) -- they do not "produce" they transform what's already there, mix in things they've diminised (from other inputs), and create some level of waste for the purpose of "use" by another.

Consumers are everyone -- so when everyone is responsible for Self-Health, Self-Defense, and Self-Rule (or if they gain a champion -- who then is repsonsible) then everyone is free. If some can abdicate this responsibility and gain advantages from the Gov't then anything they produce is always negative -- because it was not based on demand, he circumvented consumer-will.

Meditate on it -- Mises was a clever guy it will come to you.