Comment: The Military Industrial Complex and The Federal Reserve !

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The Military Industrial Complex and The Federal Reserve !

These two entities are really connected in their goals and motives. They both are attempting to ignore and marginalize Ron Paul via the MSM.

There is little we can do on that end except keep pressuring the talking heads via emails and phone calls.

The internet is really the best avenue to wake up the voters. Outside of going door to door or having debate parties,go attend and participate in marches or rallies and utilize props (lawn signs, etc) and bumper stickers.

Ron Paul says 'Spread The Message.' He means talking to your friends and family about message of liberty for starters.

Word of mouth is the best way to beat the MSM. This may take a little time, but we don't have alot of time left in America. The iron curtain is slowly closing and with that our freedom.

I have personally converted no less than 200 people into registering republican to vote for Ron Paul..

I still have much work to do and I plan to step it up which includes becoming a delegate and also donating at least $76 bucks on Saturday.

If you ain't a delegate you ain't squat!, as someone has already said..

Get on it!

God Speed..