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Comment: The one thing keeping Beck down

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The one thing keeping Beck down

Foreign Policy

He believes, and rightly so, that Iran wishes to destroy Israel and the U.S. He believes that we need to keep Iran from the possibility of obtaining nukes and starting nuclear WWIII.

Other than that, he believe in EVERYTHING ELSE Ron Paul has to say.

What we need to do is explain our positions on foreign policy. We need to make sure it's respectful though. Not a "schooling" but rather show him our point of view.

If we explain these points, he MAY come around.

#1 You can believe 1 of 2 things about Iran's nuclear capabilities. Either that Iran is CLOSE to getting nukes and our sanctions and interfering haven't worked so we should just stop. Or, that Iran is a poor country like the rest of the Middle East and really has no chance of getting nukes at this point.

#2 Even if they get a nuke, what are we supposed to do? We can bomb them to oblivion, which really doesn't fit with our values and defeats the purpose of trying to stop the nuke in the first place. Or we can go in and overthrow their government, again, and have a third nation building project. Or we could simply let them be and choose their own fate.

#3 What does occupying the world get us? Peace? Maybe to an extent. But what it really gets us is hatred and makes us an easy target. Osama bin Laden said himself that he's attacking us because we're over there, and he was glad that we came over to "his sand" because that makes it really easy for them. Why didn't they attack the British or the French? Because they aren't the ones who occupy the majority of the Middle East. Not to mention the economic impact it creates. We are spending billions to be in countries around the world while at the same time, our troops are putting money into these countries economies.

#4 How does telling the world what to do get us? Again, it breeds hatred and contempt towards the U.S. We don't get anywhere and it completely goes against our American values of freedom. How can we say that we're a free country when we don't allow others to be free?

#5 We need to stop all the wars. War is the most terrible thing in the world. It doesn't get us anything good. All we get is death and destruction. The world ends up littered with bodies and the past century has included many of our own. Again, not to mention the trillions of dollars we spend waging war. And, we are hypocrites. We tout the anti-war stance, yet, we seem to be the first ones willing to jump in.

#6 The most substantial piece of evidence to stop interfering: Vietnam. What happened when we left Vietnam and started trading with them? They became fairly westernized. They are now a trading partner of ours and are considered friendly. Iran used to have a decent democracy but they wouldn't give us the oil we wanted. So what did we do? We overthrew their government and installed a dictator. If we just would have not interfered with Iran, we wouldn't be in this situation. It's time to stop the madness.