Comment: Beck Disappointed Me

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Beck Disappointed Me

I've been listening to Glenn Beck regularly for the past year and was impressed at the founding fathers series. He brought on David Barton who has the largest collection of original writings and letters from the founders. Very interesting shows. But I have to admit I am very unhappy with what he did Friday after the Ames Iowa debate. When he played a small piece of the exchange between Ron Paul and Rick Santorum on the 1979 Iran hostage situation and then proceeded to say Santorum was right (he left out What Dr. Paul said to Santorum on 1953 CIA coup to put in the Shah of Iran), I was very distressed. I've been watching the media black out Ron Paul in the past and over a single weekend, those that are guilty of it shone for all to see. It was but a brief moment but we saw them. I was very saddened that Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh also did it too. It has totally opened my eyes and I am distressed to know that the only avenue we have is the internet. Now we see the Super Congress is being represented by those chosen with major special interests attached and I am just distressed. I feel like we've lost our votes, our media, our Constitution. It's going to take a LOT of work to get our rights back. I'm also beginning to see how Israel is in better shape if we didn't subsidize foreign nations nor pick sides in these neverending wars. We can still support Israel if we weren't in all these wars that are helping to bankrupt us. We really need to take care of our own house before we can help others. If we have a dollar collapse, we won't be able to help anyone and that includes Israel.