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There's actually big difference between being a DJ and an audio engineer :P Very different jobs ;)

I'm interested in mixing/producing artists that have good compositions, are talented musicians and have reasonably good recordings of their material. The better the material, the more credible it will appear, the better the mix/master I can produce, and the more useful it would be to help Ron and his campaign.

I fully want to give these mixes to the right people, like Michael or the campaign for example, and have him direct them to where they would be needed most. It's important that this collaboration/project goes viral - I'm not aiming for 10 or 100 or 1000 views on this stuff, but hundreds of thousands to millions. I want to make stuff that will be really usable for the campaign and the community.

This is pretty important to me. I'm going give hundreds or a few thousand dollars worth of my time for free, so I want this to be useful and have an impact.