Comment: Support Alex Jones instead

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Support Alex Jones instead

like Jones or not, it is clear that he's been in line with libertarian, Paulian views more than any other significant media personnel out there. Beck is only shifting where he sees the support and popularity (he used to be Bush fanatic, then he softened up on that, then became more libertarian ( I remember on his radio show once when a gay caller called in, and Beck said that everyday he's becoming more and more a "libertarian" and supporting Paul), and now he tries to talk about the "puppet masters" who are really in control of things behind the scenes, yet Beck only dabbles the surface while Jones has been getting to the core (federal reserve, corporatism) for MANY MORE YEARs.

Alex Jones will be airing his own television operation on September 1st, very siilar to Beck's. I say, support Jones instead (though if you sign up for Jones you might be put on a terror watch list, so be careful, lol).

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