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Comment: Glad you liked!

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Glad you liked!

I'll fix up minor things tomorrow when my ears are fresh. There's still a few problems with it I'm sure. I think the vocals might be a touch too loud still, and I need to de-ess them still. I always leave de-essing until the end because I never know how much I'm going to compress the original vocal track and also parallel compress the highs to add presence.

I might also change some of the cymbols and stuff to use some better samples. I think it could help.

I was going to leave the end as is for now. I can always fade out it later - that's usually one of the last things I do actually. I like to get the eq, compression, effects, volume, etc. right first.


If anyone else has something else excellent to work on, please post it here and get in touch with me.

We also need to strategize what we are going to do with these - who are we going to send them to? How are they going to be used? That sort of thing.

If you need to know what kinds of tracks we need, go down to an earlier post that starts with "Just some thoughts".