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Polling and Media

Some observations:
They will use whichever poll suits them, as FOX does, in order to support their coverage.

It's all relative sometime. Not to prop up Hillary, but the whole spin now since Iowa has been, how can Hillary 'come back' in NH from her 'big loss' of 29% in Iowa. Is this not a joke? She was third, but 29% was right up there with the other two candidates. I suppose she should have kept her mouth shut about bragging about being the inevitable nominee.

The ONLY reason McCain has this sudden interest when he had no campaign all summer is because of the news outlets in NH, liberal and faux conservative alike, endorsing him. People are sheeple and they followed that lead. This summer, his workers, even ones taking big pay, were nowhere to be found on the campaign trail, and the crowds for him were nil.

CSPAN is replaying Rudy's house party this weekend for the second time today. Ron had two parties so far, one very successful one on Friday night which was written up in an out of state paper, and another Saturday morning that I did not hear about yet. There is yet another one coming up on Monday night. The only thing on CSPAN about him has been the ads they play for all the candidates and the nonsense with the editor of the UL. I let him know that talking about our national debt is not out of the mainstream and sent him that video.

It's the little things that count. You will notice that the three candidates who dared talk about border security were either run out of the race, are at 0-1% or if like RP have gained money and support, are now being attacked and marginalized. Meanwhile the annointed ones are talking against each other about each of their tendencies to capitulate on this issue depending on what they are after. If you follow these type of issue you know that the CFR's goal is open borders and a supranational government. So any candidate who is THAT STRONG on border security is not going to be considered 'mainstream'. The candidates can talk all they want, but the de facto condition under which they would govern would be dictated by the globalists as it is now...with Bush all but ignoring border security.

Push Polls: Just got the Common Sense Issues push poll from the HUCKSTER camp. It was only about him, Mitt and McCain. If you answered a certain way you would hear dirt on that candidate. I heard dirt on Mitt, but I said this would NOT make me likely to vote for Huck nor any of the others!!! These kinds of calls are illegal in NH.

Needless to say, I am very frustrated to have been invited to sit at Ron's table today at the Brunch but not be able to attend due to illness. You cannot imagine how frustrating it is to be voiceless and not even be able to call CSPAN or talk on the phone to reporters! Otherwise I'd have been doing my best out there to get more coverage for RP.

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