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Musicians needed

We need artists who can do various styles of music that would be appealing to potential Republican voters - ESPECIALLY the demographics we are not doing very well with who are likely to vote in the Republican primaries.

I think female vocalists would be very beneficial too because my hunch is that Ron Paul is weaker with getting the support of women. I should actually google that to see if that's even true, but I suspect it's true. It wouldn't hurt to have a lot of mixes that feature female vocalists supporting Ron Paul to show a more broad appeal for the good doctor.

We need a good Christian Rock/Pop tune. I'm sorry for pandering, but I think it will help. Ron doesn't talk about his faith very much, and so a lot of Christians will go off and vote against their rational self-interest, like voting for Santorem or Perry, for example. I am not a Christian, but I understand the important of this.

Country music is something I never hear. Why? We need some country tunes.

And of course, music for all age groups.

The primary goal of this project should be to write music that gets attention and markets to people who aren't behind Ron 100% already. It doesn't make much sense to market to ourselves. We need to push outward and reach new people.

Someone mentioned that there was problem with Hispanic/Latino voters. It would be great for someone to write a song on why they should vote for Ron Paul for example. Same with people who are heavily dependent on the government right now perhaps. Anything really to garner even more support for Ron.

Once we get several tracks, we can find people to make awesome high quality videos for them, or send them off to other marketing initiatives that could make excellent use of them.

I hope all of this makes sense ;) This is just what I'd like to do, and what I think we should do.