Comment: Two points of contention.

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Two points of contention.

Two points of contention. The first, that the Just War theory is not based on Scripture. Unless you are rooted in the Sola Scriptura Theory, you realize that every situation that presents itself today is not addressed in the Bible. There is no mention of stem cell research. These situations need to be deduced based on what is in Scripture (and Sacred Tradition, unless you follow Sola Scriptura - in if you do, where do you find Sola Scriptura in the Bible?).

The Just War Principle is valid. The problem today is that we have allowed our public servants to keep us in the dark. We have allowed them to use the idea of "national security" to mask their words and deeds. In this nation, we the people are in charge, not our public servants. The idea that THEY have some sort of mandate to rule in our place is an assault on our Constitution. They work for us, not the other way around. We need to know everything they do because history has shown that they cannot be trusted.

The second point is the idea that the US Government is somehow at fault. The US Government's actions are defined by the Constitution. When elected or appointed public servants violate their oaths to the Constitution, when they violate the law, their actions are their own, not those of the US Government.

By now we have all heard that supposedly the president thinks he has the authority to have someone, even an American citizen assassinated without a trial. Should he do this, he and whoever carries out the act will be guilty of murder. Nowhere in the Constitution is the president given that power. And the Congress sure as hell can't give it to him.

When Congressmen get caught embezzling campaign funds, their actions are not the actions of the US Government, they are their own. Even if they claim that it's THEIR money.