Comment: You can have Christian Just War Theory and Fatwas

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You can have Christian Just War Theory and Fatwas

but you've never heard of anything of the like coming out of a the "Deist" or "Taoist" or Anarcho-Atheist realms of thinking.

This is why I say only Deist-like or Taoist-like or Anarcho-Atheis-like people will raise an individualist-society; they are free from organizationalism.

A Christian-Individualist who is church-based and denominational oxymoronic or ignorant of church history and how so often was on the "wrong-side" of liberty -- whereas a Deist is almost certainly an individualist (if not) he is amendable.

But a chruch-going-Christian has their "faith" tied to their denomination as the premise of each denomination is that they are "more right" and thus "more certain" to getting into Heaven.

You can't have "more right" attached to dogmatic absolutist philosophies and not believe the opposite -- that the "other guys" are off-basis and thus going to hell. An absolutist philosophy is just that -- absolute.

Catholics believe all other Christians are "off" that you can only get to God by way of the Church -- do you "respect" someone who you believe is going to hell, who you believe is following an anti-christ founder; just because he also wants zero-taxes, hahahaha?

The only way you can be "cool" with that guy is to not think about him, ignore the call to conversion, or not be "serious" about your faith. Summertime-Christian.

Martin Luther -- Father to all Protestantism "hated" the Jews (as have most Popes) and thought the Pope to be the anti-christ. Catholics thought just as foul about Luther.

Pope is supposed to be the "Vicar of Christ" -- that's a pretty powerful statement -- metaphysically speaking. Who is Martin Luther if he knows in absolute terms that the Pope is the Anti-Christ, hahahaha. He must be of "higher" certification, right?

Having an absurdist base of reasoning does not lead "fully" to a free-market thinking mindset -- thus the thought that "voting and lobbying" could possibly ever bring about "liberty?"

I have voted 3 times (or will) since '88 -- RP, RP, and RP. I vote for nothing or no one else; my purpose of lobbying and voting for this man is "educational" not electoral.

We now have the tech to have "rule" in Open Source and in Real Time. Eventually people will be tech-savvy enough to realize this. Logic-minded enough.

Which is why I say -- Deist-types, Taoist-types, and Atheist-types will be the founders of the free-society in "real" (non-voting / non-lobbying) terms.

Everything I just said is supported by all human history -- with a little observation and extrapolation based on Mises Consumer-Sovereignty and the works of other "good" men (non-heroworship).