Comment: He failed to mention the main factor

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He failed to mention the main factor

leading many Christian's to support unjust war, their being manipulated by their minister's use of the fraudulent Scofield Reference Bible. This anti Christian fabrication ties the Old Testament teachings with the New Testament, that a well rehearsed minister can use to sell unjust war and the scam of Zionism. What most Zionist Christian's fail to do is research how these teachings came about or who Cyrus Scofield really was. If someone has enough snap to question what they are being taught, the minister will sell them on another Scofield creation of dual prophecies by use of dispensationalism. This had to be sold to the seminaries in order for Scofield's fabrication to seem logical. However, even if they question the method, they fail to research Scofield and who was backing him. Scofield was a lifelong con artist who claimed to be an attorney, who went to prison for forging documents in a railroad scam. Now, we look to who was behind his Bible fabrication and how it was pushed into prominence. Hint, it was done by the same banking cartel behind the Fed. It was the House of Rothschild and their agents Uttermeyer, Schiff, Baruch, Morganthau and clan who funded, aligned Scofield with the major Christian associations, washed his background, made him a minister, and got the most respected publisher Oxford to sell it. Zionism was created by Theodore Herzl as a political movement to make a homeland for the Ashkenazi Jews, and Palestine was only just one of several places he came up with. Actually, before the Rothschild's stepped in thinking how much money they could make from the eternal conflicts by establishing Palestine as the homeland, Herzl was building the Uganda Plan. So, as research shows, Zionism is just as big of a sham as the Fed, and also plagues our nation as much.