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Comment: schiff makes small correction

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schiff makes small correction

schiff slightly amended his claim that the worst performing stock holding of dr. paul went up 300% when in fact it was just 200%. not a biggie but thought i would add that tidbit. either way, it's clearly a hit piece by barron's and carries a dangerous accusation. i wonder if barron's looked into barack's portfolio to see if he owns any foreign stocks or funds. or better yet, what if he owns stocks in companies that benefited from tarp or the treasury/gov't bailout which he voted for? i guess in his case that wouldn't be viewed as un-patriotic. after all, his top economic adviser is jeff immelt from GE. yeah, the corp. that got $150 bil in the bailouts and paid no taxes last yr. on $5 bil in profits and got a $2.8 tax credit.