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Peacemakers follow Christ

they hear HIS Voice and they follow HIM; because Christ is in their HEART, they are PEACEMAKERS.
Without Christ in your HEART, you are not a Peacemaker, nor do you hear HIS voice, nor do you follow HIM. Therin, if you are not making Peace you better check your HEART.
Christ is the PRINCE of PEACE towards all mankind. HE also is NOT slack conserning HIS promises. The backslider shall be RESTORED.You have to be HIS to be a backslider. Israel is in a backsliden condition untill Christ restores them at the last trump. The Nation has some Chastisement to endure.
At the same time, Nations shall be judged on how they treat those who are GOD's. The land has NOTHING to do with it. The LAND is Christ's by inheritance as KING. The whole EARTH is HIS. HE created it.