Comment: They own the casino. House rules.

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They own the casino. House rules.

You play by your rules. They play by theirs.

I don't gamble with them; however, every time those Boyz plunder with metal prices, so many other parts of our marketplace drop to their knees in disgust & wail.

An emblematic JP does their own sting setup & wins every blasted day. Last report was 9 months straight. They are in a troubling position... Trouble for anyone betting against them. Hard to hire and honest thief.

WANTED! JP Morgan. Insanely Perfect Trading 9 months straight. 02/15/2011

1% Trading Loss on $80 T by JP Morgan to Eviscerate Them! 07/03/2011 ... But they set up their own sting... The are still clearing the table with every sweep.

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