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Did you even read the complaint?

Adam Kokesh got into this mess because he was ENCOURAGING people to DONATE to the RP campaign on TV! He (along with the judge I might add) has done more to spread the liberty message than most people will do in a lifetime. Show some respect before you blast these kinds of accusations across the internet. Sometimes people make honest mistakes. Kokesh is young and new to all of this still. He probably didn't know he wasn't allowed to do that on TV (after all other TV personalities endorse candidates all the time, only difference is their corporations are not based in foreign countries).

Who is next on your cointelpro suspect list? Jesse Benton? Peter Schiff? Rand Paul?

Please think before you start rambling on against the folks that put their blood and sweat into helping this movement.

Sorry if this is too frank but this post was a bit upsetting to me.

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