Comment: The exposure for RT is NOT...

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The exposure for RT is NOT...

The exposure for RT is NOT that Adam endorsed a candidate. It's Adam's show, featuring his opinion. Nothing wrong with expressing your opinion on a show centered around your opinion even if done on a foreign network.

And it's NOT that Adam was fund raising. Adam was announcing the results of a money bomb that expired the previous day.

The issue and exposure for RT here is that RT is registered in the US as a non-profit. A non-pac non-profit cannot endorse candidates. RT is in danger of losing its tax exempt status.

There is still no confirmation or statement from Jesse Benton that he actually said the statements attributed him. The quote is NOT attributed to Jesse, it is attributed to some unnamed RT employees who claim that Jesse made similar statements.

The complaint is a joke and contains major inaccuracies. A quick perusal of Cliff Kincaid's (the complainer's) website reveals he is a noisy little neocon smearmonger.

Let's wait until we get real info. Cliff is probably getting a kick out of watching everyone at DP run around like drunken keystone cops fighting each other in confusion...

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