Comment: ron paul did nothing wrong

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ron paul did nothing wrong

ron paul did nothing wrong and is not in any trouble whatsoever. all publicly that comes from this will be good publicly.
no declared candidate should go on foreign owned media as per some obscure 30+ year old fec law that is open to interpretation. although the candidates have nothing to fear the foreign news networks "may be" in violation of fec "law".

adam can go on any American owned network and say the exact same things and the fec can't do jack apparently.

cliff Kincaid is the complainant. cliff Kincaid is a neocon conspiracy theorist who is funded by a conglomerate of nefarious players from the extreme christian right, big oil, media and banking interest.
Kincaid is a complicated and confused person. he has done some good in the past but his overall ideology is very dangerous.

words i associate with cliff Kincaid are....

ultra right wing christian fundamentalist, iran contra conspiracy, Oliver north, NWO, authoritarian, red scare, Joe McCarthy, homophobic, paranoid, anti-castro JFK conspirator crowd, cia operative, ends justify the means, black ops, covert war apologist, prohibitionists, elitist know best, industrialists oligarchy, military industrial complex, bigot.......

He reminds me of Agent Nelson Van Alden...
the judgment of the wicked

Agent Nelson whipping himself

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