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Yes, if it were not a political campaign.

Since, if you haven't noticed, Ron Paul is running for president. FOR POLITICAL REASONS, Jesse or the campaign cannot comment further.

Let me visually explain it to you.

Kokesh ---> Jesse/RP/Campaign.
Jesse/RP/Campaign -x-> Kokesh. Why? political
Kokesh -x-> RT Why? legal
Jesse/RP/Campaign -x-> RT why? potential legal

So Kokesh can go on and on about the campaign, but can't discuss his RT legal matter.

The campaign can't address Kokesh for political/media reasons.

Again it comes down to PRECISELY WHY Kokesh got axed. He says "Jesse", but NO ONE CAN VERIFY and Kokesh himself cannot say because It's an ONGOING LEGAL MATTER with RT and/or another party.

So the real question is YET AGAIN, why did RT axe Kokesh? No one can verify because ITS AN ONGOING LEGAL MATTER.