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main purpose is to get Dr. Paul's message on as many media stations so that he can win the nomination. It should come as no surprise in this light he should favor media with listeners or viewers that do NOT already speak to the choir. So he (Jesse) is doing the right thing IMHO.

Do you have any facts about how many viewers Kokesh 1) has/gets and 2) how many of them are not already Ron Paul supporters? and 3) how many guests Kokesh has to argue and persuade? or does he do the Keith Olbermann thing where he only gets guests with whom he agree with?

Also, Dr. Paul needs to appeal to more Christian conservatives, who are also socially conservative (like himself) and IMHO a presenter with tattoos has a limited appeal to them. I bet you if they have to choose between Kokesh and Benton (both probably about the same age and both RP supporter), they would much rather go with a person that looks professional (no tattoos) and speak about spendings cuts and lower taxes than someone who wants to legalize all drugs (Dr. Paul wants to end the federal war on drugs and decriminalize it, which is NOT the same as legalizing it in all 50 states!).
Benton is also a human being with mistakes, but you have to admit he was successful in leading Rand Paul to victory in KY and experience with the 2007/2008 campaign and well known in libertarian-conservative politics, having worked for Bob Barr earlier. Dr. Paul needs to work with people he can trust 100%, as is the case with Benton and get can built pros around him. Remember in 2007/2008 Lew Moore did not exactly turned out to be very trustworthy or competent in the end, having jumped ship to McCain. I do not think you can blame all the mistakes of 2007/2008 on Jesse Benton at all! Everybody makes mistakes and it is important that one learns from them and gain experience, which Benton has.