Comment: For simple male thinkers, an

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For simple male thinkers, an

For simple male thinkers, an aggressive foreign policy is an extension of their own sense of masculinity. That's a pity because there's so many of them, and so often they vote.

The U.S. is a nuclear superpower with ICBMs. We are surrounded by a huge moat (the Atlantic and Pacific oceans), and have very friendly neighbors to the north and south. Plus, because the dollar is the reserve currency of the world, no one dares attack us for fear of what negative domino-effect that might have on all the other global economies. So, we're as safe as houses and do not need the forward position defense strategy that Neo-cons think is so vitally important.

Because of the high cost, necessitating the need to borrow heavily from China, for example, it's actually the Neo-con philosophy regarding foreign policy that makes this country more vulnerable. Ironically, strength can be enhanced by pulling back. It's the true "tough-guy" approach. I want a stronger America. I want the foreign policy philosophy of Ron Paul!