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Look people

I like Adam as much as the rest of ya but the fact is that Adam is part of this campaign just like all of us...! That’s why it's called grass roots, and to have him attacking Jessie is as bad as attacking Ron... If the media wanted to they could say there is dissention in the ranks of the grass roots movement of which would cause harm to Ron...! So, This is to Adam, I love ya bud but back off and take one for the team if that’s how you have to look at it... I know you were in the military and that they taught you about the "team"...!? Look we all make mistakes whose fault it was doesn't matter and if you’re really for freedom and Ron Paul then you will stop this and find a new way to help the cause... I love ya Adam, be safe and I look forward to seeing your new venture for freedom and the grass roots...! :-)

We can't let stupid stuff show division amongst us...!

Ron Paul 2012...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!