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"let's not adopt a terrorist

"let's not adopt a terrorist as our mascot". Amen! I know full well Ron Paul supporters aren't into violence, but people need to think a bit more wisely. The establishment is sitting like a vulture waiting for ANYTHING it can find to discredit and destroy Ron Paul and the Libery message. They cannot do it to him directly with any success. . .

So. . . if they can't demonize the man himself. . . who will they demonize? His supporters. I can already read the propaganda. They'll keep that mantra of "Ron Paul supporters like Guy Fawkes, a guy arrested for trying to blow up a government building.". . . It doesn't matter if people are mimicking something they saw in a movie, it WILL be used against them, and the Paul campaign.

Personally, when I read about Guy Fawkes, I found absolutely nothing to be inspired by at all. He was a violent jerk who thought it was a good idea to blow up innocent people, and all he succeeded in doing was being executed and used as a huge pro-crown propaganda tool, where people celebrated his arrest for more than 100 years all around the world. . . Doesn't sound like something to admire.

Look folks, terrorism doesn't work. The only party terrorism helps is the government. The government WANTS violence, because they have no real justification to get rid of legit peaceful oposition. But. . . that all changes if people run around doing violent things. .. then the government has the perfect justification to round up people it doesn't like and "get rid of them". This isn't Nazi Germany (at least not at this time).