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Well the idea does make sense

from a long-term strategy view.

For instance, we know for a fact(by their own admission) that the Neocons are leftists who were disenchanted with the Democrat Party because there wasn't enough support for wars for Israel there. They were "hawkish" Democrats who infiltrated the Republican Party, and were successful.

Now, it would fall into place that since Obama has no compunction about bombing and attacking and occupying other countries at the behest of Israel, that they could/would use their copious influence in the Republican Party to ensure that Obama would be re-elected. After all, the Neocons ARE Democrat infiltrators, and if the Dems can give them their wars, then they can supply the treachery against the Republicans to ensure Democrat victory at the polls. I mean, that's often what infiltrators do, isn't it? I think this was why they put up McCain as a sure loser, so Obama could win.

So, historically and strategically speaking, you may have a point that could be accurate.