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Comment: Ron Paul is human after all... ie, not perfect.

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Ron Paul is human after all... ie, not perfect.

But I will forgive him because science does not require Ron Paul or any President or King to believe in it to be true.

As far as it being "just a theory", yes we say in science "the Theory of Evolution" because it is a theory, like all the theories in science, the theory of electromagnetism, theory of gravity, theory of strong force & the weak force, the Theory of Photosynthesis, the theory of light, Theory of the Big Bang, Theory of plate tectonics, ... etc.

All theories are made up of a hypothesis and are supported by facts and tests and MAY be the ultimate explanation.... In physics we are still seeking the grand theory of everything and we "know" we have not got it yet. There is the Theory of Quantum Mechanics which we use to understand the super small and then there is Einsteins Theory of General Relativity which we use to understand the big. Yet the two do not connect (or connect well) and so we "know" something is amiss between one or both theories. I myself think its Einstein who has not got it quite right, and that a better understanding of the small will yield us a picture of the large, and we may then discard Einstein Theory of General Relativity, not as totally useless, but as not complete. It just may be we are indeed in an 8 dimensional universe and we are the "flatlanders" who just can't see.

Most important, we say that a "Theory holds true" given the set of facts and tests....and the THEORY of Natural Selection (EVOLUTION) continues to this day to hold true. At any time a new fact, a new test, a new hypothesis can come along....

Which is to say, science is open ended and does not rely on our good Dr Paul for validation.

So Rock on Ron Paul, you are already light years ahead of everyone else on so many things... we got your back on this one. And it is good to keep an open mind on these things for the Theory of Natural Selection, at least the neo Darwinian individualist one, is in need, I think, in desperate need of the addition of Group Selection for a more complete explanation of the natural processes found in the natural world... as explained here;

and again here:

In peace and liberty,

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