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to think i just posted this comment

why do you old quasi libertarians gotta reinforce my point so soon? aren't you in a hurry to quicken the separation. i reiterate my call for a new term for this libertarian 2.0 movement to cleanly sever ourselves from the quasi libertarianism known as libertarianism 1.0. what's libertarianism 1.0? head to reason mag and have a check.

what i mean is we need a new term for this movement. again, glenn beck has called himself a libertarian. bill maher has called himself a libertarian. the chairs rocking over at reason mag and their subscribers call themselves libertarians. a lot of people who support federal reserve call themselves libertarian. we need a new label for this movement and not dish out the term libertarian at the forefront whenever called on, but perhaps only as last resort. why? need i explain?