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i asked what some people felt about the idea of

us over here in the ron paul movement just stop calling ourselves libertarians. a user named heller over there who refers to paul supporters as paultards gave me a thumbs up. finding allies in all kinds of unexpected places. well maybe not so unexpected. why do we insist on intruding the houses of people who are more interested in maintaining (their) brand purity than making real changes? you make me feel like a burglar on this, velv. for moral reasons, we need to leave those libertarians alone. i feel like we're trampling on patients suffering from mental illness.

i wouldn't be supporting a separation if it weren't for the inherent agitator-personality types in that group for non-mutually exclusive ideas.. a state-oriented legislation would tolerate all of these differences. it's not as oxymoronic as calling oneself a 'socialist libertarian' where such agitation may be justified. some people are SOCIALLY, a very fundamental word that even transcends before politics, meant to left in solitude. i'm afraid unity is impossible.