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you're absolutely correct and I'd throw the following in also. Dont know all the facts, but his campaign needs to keep a few sleepless nights gathering the facts for this.
(One of which is some neocon who recently mentioned in a video I watched how the Shah of Iran was horrible just like the Ayatollah).

Start with your intro then say this.

Ive' kept quiet on this too long I fear, but honestly, the hypocrisy of my fellow candidates here sickens me. Its always sooo easy for them to volunteer YOUR kids and families to go die somewhere when THEY and their immediate families arent in and havent been even NEAR military service.

Especially the lust for war I hear from you Rick Santorum. Remember that line "you cant handle the truth"? Well that applies here for you.
YOU may not grasp what happens on this globe when a country continues to embrace the current forgeign policy , but guess what, a few experts DO!!
Scheuer, ????, ????, ??? and ??? DO agree with my position on this. The freakin CIA has a whole term they've given it. It's called blowback. They've written books on this my son!!

Regardless of your lack of insight and warmongering mindset from a supposed "Christian", the American people are also starting to be curious about this failed foreign policy and THEY get it and frankly dont support all these wars anymore.

Not only that, but the nail in the coffin is "WE DONT HAVE ANY MONEY"!! What language do you need me to speak that phrase in? Smoke signals?
Which brings me to another key point in this discussion. Answer this question Rick. How many DICTATORSHIPS and communist regimes who violate human rights 24 * 7, should we borrow money from so we can continue to fight these wars? Would you take North Korea's money Rick, because frankly, that might be what happens since China may be about done lending to us.
Maybe the US needs more than one doctor right now. Maybe they need Dr. Drew to help us get off of this WAR addiction!

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson