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Reminding us about our

Reminding us about our economic situation is a good motivator for people to listen more to Dr. Paul on foreign policy. Knowing we can't afford the wars and foreign subsidies is a good way to get people on his side. The 9/11 questions to Dr. Paul are an attempt to get people to not vote for him but his answers are still sound. Now that he has described some of these countries over there as ones who can't even make gas out of their own oil, it makes sense why they'd send people over here to use planes. To them, it's a retailiation to an attack on their land. Without an air force, navy, or formidable army, using people to attack our interests is like a retaliation of war. That was the only way they probably had. I'm not saying it was right but when a country oversteps it's boundaries by meddling in their internal affairs and killing their people, you can't expect them to be happy about it. Also bringing up the CIA reports about blowback was always a good thing too.