Comment: Actually I think it was a good question.

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Actually I think it was a good question.

People want to know. They NEED to know just what he means- and WE already knew what his answer would be - the same as it's always been - let the community,church, neighbors (US) etc take care of the people JUST AS IT DID BEFORE. No one got turned away. Wasn't a gotcha moment. If he paused at all, it was likely because he had to take a second in his head to dumb down his answer so the morons in that room could hopefully understand his answer. I think some did, but there's just no way to convey it without leaving himself open for them to look for a way to twist it in an attempt to make him look bad. The apes in the audience saying "yeah!" in response to "Should we let the 30 yr old man die?" helped the "twist his words" agenda quite nicely. Personally I think the exposure here is good. Most people will take the links to "Ron Paul booed" and find that once theyve sorted through the crap, they just may give it some thought and agree with the original point. Those who want govt to take care of them would never vote RP anyway. I don't see this as damaging.