Comment: This is by far.....

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This is by far.....

the best introduction video I have ever seen produced for Ron Paul. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into this. It is just absolutely awesome.

The attention to detail is spectacular - even to the glimmer of the dollar amounts from the troops, etc. The organization of the topics... staying on point.... just awesome.

You have paid careful attention to just about every audience in this from the veterans to the minority vote etc.

I have one suggestion - you have Bill Maher all over this video and little to no input from a Christian influence. Bill Maher is a hater and is completely intolerant to Christians. I work everyday to bring these people (Christians) in because they are so close anyway - they just need to be flipped on the war mongering. I need this video as collateral to approach these people. Put in Chuck Baldwin's endorsement or something - anything and lose most of Maher.

I appreciate Maher's sincerity in his support for RP - but he also sincerely hates - and we need inclusive personalities.