Comment: I thought that debate was the

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I thought that debate was the

I thought that debate was the best one so far. The questions were direct and relevant. The audience was responsive and engaged. The moderator gave more time to each candidate...although he obviously was touting the Perry/Romney front runner image like fric and frac. Newt Gingrich has a strong appealing speaking style with a well received message. Michelle Bachmann was hot last night. Her message resonated with the crowd. Ron Paul, as usual was skipped over with some of the questions...but made up for it when he did get to respond despite the boos in the crowd about his reference to Palestinians and Islamic world in general...In Florida, what would you expect? Cain came across as a solid contender also last night. Santorum, Perry, Romney and Huntsman have the least to offer the American people. It's interesting that the MSM is giving "governors" more reverence than congressman/woman, it seems to me anyway.